Property Crime Lawyer Near Me

A property crime lawyer is a criminal lawyer who handles property crime cases.

The right property crime attorney can help you or your loved one stay out of jail or get reduced sentences when charged with a property crime.

What Is a Property Crime

It is always a good idea to understand the basics of property crimes before speaking to speak with a property crime lawyer.

So what is a property crime then?

Property crime has been defined as the taking of another’s property with or without violence.

Destroying someones like vandalism can also be a form of property crime.

Property crime is quite common. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report Program, there were over 9 million property crimes in 2010 alone.

Property crime can be divided into the following categories based on violence, stealth, fraud, and destruction.

Violent property crime involves usage of physical force like carjacking or robbery to get the property.

Stealth is the nonconsensual theft of the property in the absence of the owner.

Destruction refers to the arson or vandalism inflicted upon the property. Entrepreneurialism, on the other hand, involves selling, buying or manufacturing of the property without the consent of the owner.

Recent cases involve people paying deposits to individuals for rental of a property only to discover these individuals have no connection to the property and have stolen their deposit.

Regardless of the form or category of property offense that you are charged with or accused of, consult a property crime attorney for help.

Possible Defense By a Property Crime Lawyer

When you retain a property crime lawyer near you, below are some possible legal defense they can use to defend your case.

  • Mistaken identity
  • You believed the property at questions was yours
  • False accusation

How Can a Lawyer Near Me Help?

Problems related to property crime can be very confusing and disruptive in nature.

Such topics involve thorough knowledge of property law in the state of the accused.

This is why it is recommended that those accused of this type of criminal offense hire a criminal defense lawyer. 

Criminal attorneys are of great help as he/she is aware of the law and by studying the case in detail he or she knows ways in which the case can be solved.

A property crime lawyer will attempt to have the charges dismissed or, barring that, get bail arranged for the client.

The attorney will investigate the details of the case and develop leads that can help the client in achieving a not guilty verdict or, in case of a guilty verdict, try to get probation or at least minimize jail time. 

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