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What you need to know about kidnapping cases and why getting the best kidnapping lawyers help is important

Kidnapping is a serious crime and when one is accused, there is a need to contact one of the best kidnapping lawyers nearby as soon as possible.

Kidnapping charges attract different penalties and a kidnapping lawyer should be able to understand all the laws that govern a specific area for a better representation.

It can be governed by federal or state laws.  So lawyer up by having the right kidnapping attorney on your side when accused of this type of criminal offense.

What is kidnapping?

In 2013, about 627,911 people including children and adults were reported missing to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, citing a U.S. Department of Justice report,  800,000 or more children go missing every year.

So what is kidnapping?

Kidnapping is a crime prohibited by state and federal laws. It is the capturing of a person without his or her consent or even restricting someone within a space that is confined.

There are different instances where kidnapping can arise.

When you are accused or charged with a kidnapping offense then you might want to hire one of the best kidnapping lawyers near you.

The different types of kidnapping

There are different types of kidnapping and if you find yourself faced with such charges, you should seek the service of a lawyer immediately. These types of kidnapping include:

  • Parental Kidnapping: In this type of kidnapping, a parent or a family member or his or her agent abducts a child in violation of the custody agreement. This is one of the most popular kidnappings and it is estimated that about 350,000 parental kidnappings occur every year in the U.S
  • Basic kidnapping: This is a very common scenario and it happens in many parts of the globe. Preparation for this kind of kidnapping is minimal and the risk of failure is also minimal. Families and businesspersons seen as stable are targeted for ransom.
  • High net worth individual kidnapping: This type of kidnapping involves a longer planned time period. Here, the target has to be studied over a period of time before he or she is kidnapped. The perpetrators gather as much intelligence as possible regarding personal habits and security procedures.
  • Tiger kidnapping: This involves taking someone as a hostage to make them assist or commit theft. The victim is only released after the crime has been committed successfully.
  • Express kidnapping: In this case, a victim is abducted and then made to withdraw money from an ATM or bank to pay as ransom. The victim is usually released after valuables have been taken.
  • Virtual kidnapping: This can be viewed as a fraud. In this case, the perpetrators wait for a time when the person is in an area where he or she is unreachable and then contact the company or the family of the person and ask for ransom.
  • Political kidnapping: This happens to try to extort concessions from security forces and governments. Monetary ransom is not usually enough which means that the victim faces a much higher risk.
  • Bride kidnapping: This is a kind of forced marriage where the groom takes the bride by force. The bride may be raped to make her stay.

Regardless of the type of kidnapping that you are being investigated or charged with, protect yourself rights by hiring the best kidnapping attorney near you.


Kidnapping is a charge that attracts hefty penalties. Every state categorizes kidnapping under felony offenses, even though the degrees and sentences associated with the same may differ. Greater penalties are imposed where children are involved or when the victim is exposed to danger, assaulted sexually, or injured.

Kidnapping convictions lead to prison time and in some situations, life sentences may be given. The most common is 20 years imprisonment for aggravated or first-degree kidnapping. The sentence that is minimum is around 5 years and above for second-degree kidnapping.

The fines associated with kidnapping are also substantial and may be imposed together with a prison term. Aggravated convictions can attract fines of up to 50 thousand dollars or even more in some states.

Simple kidnapping can attract a fine of around 10,000 dollars.

Probation can also be awarded to the defendant. The court usually lays out the terms of the probation.

States penalty examples 

In Georgia for example,  kidnapping is governed by Georgia code §16-5-40.  A minimum of ten years and 20 years maximum is imposed when the victim is over fourteen years old. Minors below this age may attract a 15-year minimum sentence in prison. Death or life imprisonment may be ruled if the victim was injured or if a ransom was required.

Kidnapping is a felony in Arizona and the charges may range from a class 4 to a class 2 felony.  Class 4 has a penalty of 18-45 months imprisonment. Class 3 carries a sentence of 2.5 years and no greater than 7 years in prison.

Class 2 is serious and can be punished for a minimum of 4 years in prison or life imprisonment.

It is important to know, first-time offenders may have a better chance of getting a lighter sentence than the multi-offenders get.

As you can see from the above-mentioned penalties, kidnapping convictions carry serious legal consequences. This is we recommend that you speak with a kidnapping law firm immediately for a consultation to weigh your defense options.

Typical legal defenses kidnapping lawyers can use

When faced with kidnapping charges, a lawyer can prepare different defenses to counter them. They include:

  1. Consent: Your kidnapping lawyer can work to prove that the victim gave their consent to be moved to another place. This may mean that there was no crime in the first place.
  2. Mistake: Sometimes charges may be filed due to a misunderstanding. This is true in custody cases where a parent may not realize or know all custody arrangements and how they are supposed to work.
  3. Coercion or duress: Sometimes people act under duress and commit crimes in the process. Death threats, injuries, or force can be exerted on an individual to carry out a kidnapping.

Who are kidnapping lawyers?

When one is faced with a kidnapping charge, they should immediately seek the assistance of a kidnapping lawyer who handles these cases in the federal and state level. This will depend on the nature of the case.

These types of criminal defense lawyers are people with the education, experience, and expertise to handle the legal cases involved. They take time to evaluate the facts and come up with the best defenses that can be used in a court of law so that you can get a fair trial.

Federal law considers kidnapping to be a felony. State kidnapping charges may vary from one location to the next.

When skilled, experienced, and one of the best kidnapping lawyers near you is hired he or she will be in a position to know the difference and give you the best representation.

Do I need a lawyer for a kidnapping defense case?

Private criminal attorneys offer you the best defense when you are charged with kidnapping.

Please note that kidnapping attracts hefty fines and long jail terms if you are convicted. In some cases, you may be innocent or the case may not be as serious as the court perceives it to be.

Getting a private criminal lawyer means that they know the court system, they have the needed experience, and they know the judges and the prosecutors, meaning that they are the best people to take you through the entire judicial system.

They also have the resources to do a proper investigation.

Private attorney for kidnapping case knows the best way to negotiate and they can get you a fair trial. In as much as self-representation is allowed, it makes more sense to have someone who is trained and experienced in the field to handle it for you.

Kidnapping attorney costs

Attorneys for kidnapping charges defense typically charge their clients thousands of dollars. However, there are different factors that affect how much the lawyer charges and they include experience, city or state, the nature of your case and so on.

To know an exact price contact a kidnapping attorney near you for consultation and pricing.

Payment options to help you pay for legal fees: payment plans & financing options

Lawyers have become more flexible and price alone should not be the reason why you refuse to seek help. It is important to look at the kind of payment plans that the lawyer has in place.

In most cases, kidnap defense lawyers are willing to offer payment plans but they typically will ask for 30 to 50 percent of the pricing before the case begins.

Then they will put you on a payment plan.

If possible, you can also make use of lending companies such as LendingUSA to be able to access legal representation.

Kidnapping lawyer: Can I get a free consultation?

Yes, most kidnap lawyers offer a free initial consultation. This makes it possible for the accused to call around and find the best person to represent him or her.

Get help now

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