Drug Crimes Lawyers Near You for Drug Possession, Sales, Trafficking, Manufacturing Offenses

Drug crimes and ingesting controlled substances are serious regardless of where they happen.

In such instances, drug crimes lawyers are very important to offer legal representation and advice on the different aspects of the law.

When a person is found with possession, sales, trafficking or manufacturing of illegal drugs or even legal drugs, but without a prescription, they may be faced with criminal charges.

In such a case, it is important to hire a criminal attorney with great experience in this field to represent you in court.


What is are drug crimes?


Drug crimes describe different offenses that have to do with controlled substances.

Every federal and state government has laws that forbid the unlawful use, possession, production, and distribution of some drugs.

They include things like marijuana, amphetamines, heroin, and cocaine.

This is aimed at reducing the use of illegal drugs and other related crimes.

So if you charged with any type of controlled or ban substances contact a drug crime lawyer immediately.


Examples of controlled substance offenses


State and federal laws have different drug crimes.

Controlled substance defense attorneys understand that drug convictions can be very damaging to your records.

Some of the controlled substance offenses include:

  • Paraphernalia: Equipment of any kind that is utilized in the preparation, inhalation, injection, or even concealment of the drugs.
  • Possession: This is possessing any illegal drug with the intent of use or distribution.
  • Manufacture: Illegal drug manufacturing is also a drug crime.


Types of drug crime charges explained further


The state and federal levels restrict illicit drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine.

The laws cover the manufacture, cultivation, distribution, trafficking, and even possession of such substances.

There are stiff penalties and sentences that the lawbreaker could face. Some of the drug crime charges include:

Drug Possession

Laws that deal with possession of drugs depend with the state in question.

It also depends on which drug is actually involved as well as the amount.

Federal and state laws view the possession of drugs or controlled substances as a crime.

If you are found in possession of any illicit drug, you may face possession or sometimes with possession with the intent to distribute depending on the amount and the scenario.

If you find yourself being charged with this type of drug crime contact a drug possession lawyer immediately for help.

Drug Manufacture 

Manufacture of drugs is yet another serious crime. It is a serious crime that requires drug manufacturing attorneys defense.

Drug manufacturing involves the different production steps that are applied to create any illegal drug.

The delivery of such a drug is a crime under state and federal laws.

In such cases, the intent has to be proven. This is the only way the alleged manufacturer can be convicted.

When convicted, the manufacturer faces prison time or fines.

Cultivation also falls under the manufacturer.

However, you should know that the way marijuana manufacture and cultivation are treated is quite different because there are personal and medical exceptions in some cases.

Drug Trafficking

Drug distribution and trafficking make it illegal to import, transport, or sell illegal substances.

Drug trafficking is usually charged as a felony and it is more serious than just possession.

This is because it has to do with the transportation of large amounts of drugs.

So if you dealing with a controlled substance manufacturing charge speaks with a drug manufacturing attorney today.

Drug Sales & Dealing

This usually means the selling and distribution of illegal drugs in a small scale.

Dealing and trafficking have different definitions. Dealing attracts a less severe punishment when it is compared to trafficking.

Contact us to speak with a drug sale lawyer if have been charged with drug sales crime.




Penalties for drug crimes vary from one state to the next.  A drug crime could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on its severity.

When charged as a felony, the consequences are more intense.

Possession could attract a fine of thousands of dollars in some states.

The accused person may also have to spend a couple of days in jail. When the issue is a bit more complex, one may need to part with a larger amount of money and spend a couple of years in prison.

Possession charges are lighter when compared to manufacture/cultivation and the intention to distribute.

In some cases, the defendant may get a plea deal from the prosecutor, especially when they can render help to a more complex investigation that could lead to a greater arrest.

Things can get more complicated if you have been charged before. Your sentence may be lighter if you are a first time offender and if you have a smart and aggressive drug crimes attorneyh.

In Washington, you may get 5 years in prison or be fined an amount of $10,000 when you are caught in possession of heroin.  This amount is doubled if there are some subsequent offenses.

In Colorado, for example, felonies for drug crimes attract 6 months in jail or more and a fine of one thousand dollars. More serious cases may have a sentence of 32 years or less and a fine of $1,000,000.

You can get more information about the maximum fine and the number of years in imprisonment which can be imposed for violating the Control Substances Act or CSA and other drugs related laws by clicking here.


Typical legal defenses


Every state has its own procedures of prosecuting the drug cases. However, the defenses are pretty much the same.

  1. Illegal seizure or search
  2. They may argue that the drugs were not actually in the possession of the defendant.
  3. They may argue that the drug was not a controlled substance.
  4. Medical exception
  5. Good Samaritan immunity


Who are drug crimes lawyers?


So who are drug crime attorneys and what do they do?

Drug crime lawyers are lawyers who handle drug crime cases at the federal and state level.

They work at defending entities, organizations, and individuals who are facing these kinds of charges.

They handle a wide spectrum of cases.

Some specialize in dealing with criminal charges which gives them a tight grasp of the law and different court systems where they practice.


Do I need a private criminal lawyer for a drug crime defense, or should I represent myself?


It always makes a lot of sense to hire a private criminal defense attorney to handle all drug cases and create a worthy defense for you.

Even though self-representation is allowed in most states, it is better to let an experienced drug attorney handle your case because they know the law inside and out.

They are also conversant with all the court systems.

They know the prosecutors and judges and how they operate and are therefore the best people to create a defense for you.

Criminal defense lawyers are trained on negotiation skills.

Always remember that the crime you are accused of may seem to be a minor one.

However, if you are convicted because you chose to represent yourself, the consequences could be great.

Also, remember second-time offenders may get a more severe punishment.


How can a private drug crime law firm near me be of assistance?


Private drug crime law firms take the time to evaluate the crime that you allegedly committed and break it down for you.

Drug crimes attorneys have a lot of knowledge and sometimes there are specific lawyers for a specific area.

This means that they are quite familiar with the rules that govern that specific area. This makes them the best people to represent you, should you be convicted of a crime.

Having a lawyer who specializes in drug crimes comes with its perks. They already understand the laws and therefore, they know all possible defenses that can get you a fair trial.


Drug attorneys representation prices


There are many variables at work when drug attorney costs are being determined.

The city or state, the experience of the attorney for drug offense charges defense, the type of case (felony or misdemeanor), and going to trial or not are some of the things that determine how much an attorney will be paid.

Some lawyers do charge a flat rate for every phase. In most cases, the hourly rate may be between 100 to 300 dollars or even more.

A retainer fee is required by most lawyers. The retainer amount for misdemeanors is 2,000-5000 dollars while for felonies is 10,000- 50,000 dollars.


Payment option to help you pay for drug crimes legal fees: payment plans & financing options


When you are faced with a drug crime accusation, legal fees should not make you face legal assassination. There are so many payment plans that are available today. Lawyers have become more flexible and you may be able to come up with a plan that works well for both parties.

Typically, drug lawyers will require a retainer fee of around 30-50 percent.

The payments may also be broken down into monthly installments.

There are also other financing options like getting help from different lending companies such as LendingUSA.


Get connected now with a lawyer


The best thing about drug crime lawyers near you is the fact that most of them offer a free consultation.

This means that you can actively seek the opinions of lawyers as you try to find the one you feel is the best to represent you.

Seek consultation as soon as you are charged with a drug crime. So contact us to be connected with a lawyer now!