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Domestic violence is quite rampant in current society. According to The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), one in four women and one in nine men were the victims of sexual assault, physical assault, and stalk by an intimate partner in the U.S.

When faced with such charges, or when you want to charge someone, it is best that you get in touch with a domestic violence lawyer.

He or she understands how such cases are built and how your rights can be defended.

Most lawyers have very extensive experience, especially when they have had the chance to handle many similar cases.

An experienced domestic violence lawyer can help you protect all your rights in a way that you cannot do on your own.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence doesn’t involve physical violence only.

It is regarded as any kind of behavior which is aimed at gaining control and power over a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, spouse, or any other intimate family member.

This is usually learned behavior and as many may assume, it does not result from alcohol, drugs, mental problems, or anger.

There are different types of domestic violence. It doesn’t only involve physical assault, which leads to injuries that can be seen. The facets of domestic violence include:

  • Economic abuse
  • Using male privilege
  • Verbal abuse including blame, threats, and coercion
  • Isolation
  • Intimidation and emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Control

Most batterers use control so as to remain dominant over the victim. This is most commonly carried out against women.

 33% of women killed at work between 2003-2008 in the U.S were killed by either their current or former intimate partner.

The men in this category seem to believe that they are justified in such behavior.

Most times, it is pervasive and insidious.

Physical abuse is also very common and it is usually aggressive behavior, indirect physically harmful behavior, withholding, and physical needs, or even threats to afflict physical harm.

Sexual abuse involves the use of sex in a manner that is exploitative or even forcing oneself on another. Even when consent to sex was given previously, it is not an indication that there is current consent.

Sexual abuse can be physical and verbal.

Regardless of the type of domestic violence, when you are charged with the one you need to retain a domestic violence lawyer to defend you.

Domestic violence lawyer – Consequences of a DV conviction

So what are some of the legal consequences of a domestic violence conviction?

Some of the domestic violence conviction consequences are:

  • In some states, you may lose your gun right
  • You may have to pay financial damages to the victim
  • Get a restraining order against you
  • You may lose your job or get a promotion
  • You may not work with children and other types of career field
  • You may lose the custody of your children
  • If you are not a U.S citizen you may be deported

To avoid any or most of the above domestic violence conviction consequences it is important that you hire the right criminal defense attorney. Continue reading below to see how a domestic violence attorney can help you.

How can a domestic violence lawyer near me help?

In real-life situations, going through a legal process is never easy or quick. Some matters can go for years before a resolution is made.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is wise not to go it alone since the process can be longer than necessary. You will also be more vulnerable.

When faced with domestic violence issues, you need to seek help before the matter escalates.

A domestic violence lawyer near you understands the legal procedures and the laws that are in place in your area. This is the best place to get help and avoid further distress.

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